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South Africa is unfortunately home to millions of orphans and vulnerable children. In 2014, Kin Culture was founded with the aim of creating a community and a 'home' for children who need this extra help and care. Kin Culture is now a community where these children get a family & a bright future.


About an hour from Cape Town, we were warmly welcomed at a local berry farm by Simone and three cheerful children. Simone is the founder of Kin Culture and also a local product designer. She works closely with local artisans in Cape Town to create products. These products are made with humanity and each product has a story of collaboration, inspiration and hope. Each product is brought to life by a community of equally passionate artisans. Therefore every product is handmade and therefore crafted to perfection.


We were directly touched by the story of Simone and Kin Culture and felt the need to participate in the process to make South Africa a safe place for their children. In our shop, you will soon find beautiful ceramic tableware, handmade by local artisans.