Mother Pauline and daughter Tamburai are two passionate South African women based in Cape Town. The inspiration behind their company comes from their love for the continent and celebrating and sharing African history with the world. Together with a team of creative women, they translate African history into the creation of products. They source traditional patterned fabrics. All their fabrics use traditional methods like wax printing and pit-and-stone dyeing processes from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Congo-Brazzaville. Pauline and Tamburai buy genuine fabrics directly from the source of traditional craftspeople. This not only supports them, but also ensures that traditions are carries on and now shared with the Western market.


Pauline and Tamburai helped us to create and make together a beautiful series of pillows from Bogolan (made of mud). Bogolan is a West-African textile art, original from Mali, also referred to as mud cloth. Traditionally, the textile is made by sewing narrow strips of woven cloth together. This technique is visible in the pillows. We are passionate about the tradition and beautiful quality of Bogolan.


We are very enthusiastic to collaborate with these women because they have such a great energy and drive. Further they are also empowering female entrepreneurship in South Africa and we share their strong values and ideas. Buying from them, we also help indigenous communities preserve their traditional craft and fabric of printmaking.

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